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Maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home can be quite difficult if you do not have the right Air Conditioner or Heatpump installed. In fact, it could become a costly affair and this is where professional and highly skilled refrigeration experts come into play.

Varcoe Refrigeration offers top quality services, and their combined 54 years of experience means that your homes will not only end up perfectly cooled or heated, but it will be done according to code. Hiring professionals who can not only install, but also design and advise you on which unit will best suit your home, means that you won’t end up spending your hard earned money on a heating system that doesn't work correctly. Here are a few services provided by Varcoe Refrigeration:

Servicing and repairs

It is important that you have any heating or cooling systems maintained on a regular basis to ensure that your home is not only kept at a constant cost efficient temperature, but also free of any harmful germs and bacteria. This is vitally important for the health and well being of your family; equally so a faulty Heatpump could be a potential fire hazard. What’s more, repairing or regular services will also reduce your monthly utilities bill. 

Design and Installation

At Varcoe Refrigeration you will find a team of skilled refrigeration experts who can design a heating and cooling system that best suits your specific needs. This means that the installation will be conducive to your homes look and feel. Could you imagine spending a fortune on building your dream home only to have a bulky unsightly air conditioning and Heatpump unit protruding from your walls! This is where our highly qualified and certified refrigeration engineers’ expertise is needed. These engineers will do an onsite inspection or off plan design that will suit your property and individual needs.

Mobile Units

We understand that most people want to get their heat pump and refrigeration units up and running rather quickly, so we offer a team of fully equipped mobile units. These teams are all fully trained and experienced in installing and repairing all makes and models of Heatpump. 

What’s more, we will come out and first assess the situation before giving you a comprehensive quote. This means that your unit can be repaired there and then at an affordable rate. Our sales team will keep your budget in mind and our non-commission sales means that your needs are always put first.

If you are tired of struggling with a sub standard product that simply doesn’t give you the desired effect, then call on Varcoe Refrigeration today. We stock the top Air conditioning and Heatpump brands in Auckland; such as Panasonic and Mitsubishi,and have been named the top supplier for Panasonic since 2004.

Don’t let your air conditioning/heating appointment leave you all “hot and bothered” or “chilled to the bone”; get in touch with us today at http://varcoe.co.nz/. Our team is ready to come out and get your air conditioning and heating problems solved in one easy appointment.

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